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Car Park Security

Car park security aims to prevent theft and damage to vehicles through the use of static guarding, mobile patrols, CCTV monitoring, and controlled access. This provides unrivalled peace of mind to the operators of car parks as well as those using the site.

Typically used in retail, wholesale, shopping centre, and distribution environments, car park security is often essential due to the expensive nature of most modern-day vehicles. Few businesses can ill afford to suffer from crime on their premises, especially when it concerns the customer’s property.

Car park security is also on hand to ensure the safety of shoppers, residents, and visitors. The friendly face of a security guard can provide assistance with other issues too and record details of vehicles with invalid tickets or permits.

Along with static guarding and mobile patrols, the use of technology is increasingly crucial for security, as it ensures that nothing goes unnoticed and can be relied upon as evidence for any cases of damage, theft, or dispute.

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