Corporate Security

City centre offices and large corporate buildings have particular security requirements to protect premises, staff and clients.
Dexter  offer a full range of site protection services designed to safeguard your staff and corporate property. We can guard and protect your staff and office premises to ensure that your valuable assets stay safe and secure.
We can offer a range of 24 x 7 security services designed to protect and secure all kinds of corporate office locations and buildings.
•    Reception and office concierge type services
•    Static uniformed guards and night watch for the protection of offices and security of assets and staff
•    Day security staff to provide secure office reception facilities or to provide appropriate security back-up to protect your own on-site staff
•    Uniformed security staff for visible deterrent
•    Plain clothed staff for low key corporate security presence
•    Mobile security guards and patrols to regularly visit sites to protect corporate premises and assets cost effectively
•    Security and management of controlled areas and control of high value stock and assets
•    Theft control and loss protection from office buildings
•    Full security management of city centre offices and out of town premises
•    Security services to deter theft and vandalism from office premises 
•    Comprehensive alarm, CCTV and security systems to protect a wide range of corporate locations.