Mobile Petrol

What you can expect from Mobile Patrol services;
•    Protection from criminal acts such as theft, vandalism, burglaries and break-ins
•    Lock or unlock entry/exit points
•    Conduct External and Internal patrols
•    Monitor loitering and other suspicious activity in the vicinity
•    Raise alerts of any unwanted changes to site
Business’s often have countless valuables including stock, equipment, machinery and fixtures on site whilst businesses are closed throughout the night. At times staff remains on site after hours leaving the business and its valuables wide open to security breaches.
Allow Dexter Multiservices Ltd and our patrol teams to counter these threats.
We can patrol your premises at a competitive rate, giving you many options along the way, including the ability to view monthly reports advising of occurrences and logs. Dexter Multiservices Ltd is a dedicated team committed to best services at an affordable price.